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Character Information
Name: Djey
Sex: Female
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 219
World: New Tibia
Residence: Thais
Guild Membership: Member of the NEVERLOSE
Balance: $ 60.060 gold coins.
Last login: 7 April 2021, 12:05 am
Created: 15 March 2021, 1:43 pm
Account Status: Free Account

Quest Complete: 33%

7 Apr 2021, 00:05 Killed at level 220 by Vitao Mecwinquancs, Poxa, Doug The Funny, Mage Du Mal, Paiassin, Polessi, Messiah, Teu Pai, Punisher, Coronel Maldito and by Brolly.
6 Apr 2021, 22:56 Killed at level 221 by Veyllor, Coronel Maldito, Paiassin, Poxa, Jumboss, Punisher, Doug The Funny, Luanblitz and by Pf Memory.
6 Apr 2021, 22:48 Killed at level 221 by Punisher, Coronel Maldito, Veyllor, Mineiro Tenebroso, Doug The Funny, Paiassin, Vitao Mecwinquancs, Polessi, Smoke, Jumboss, Pf Memory, Narack Vanz, Pilantrinha, Floki Ms, Luanblitz, Lucaz Loko, Sheikh and by Shikai.
6 Apr 2021, 22:31 Killed at level 222 by Argusz, Veyllor, Coronel Maldito, Doug The Funny, Jumboss, Paiassin, Poxa, Pf Memory, Punisher and by Narack Vanz.
6 Apr 2021, 22:23 Killed at level 223 by Jimselder, Veyllor, Argusz, Polessi, Doug The Funny, Jumboss, Poxa, Lucaz Loko, Paiassin, Shikai, Pf Memory, Coronel Maldito, Smoke and by Narack Vanz.
6 Apr 2021, 22:15 Killed at level 223 by Paiassin, Veyllor, Jumboss, Doug The Funny, Punisher, Argusz, Jimselder, Brolly, Polessi and by Poxa.
6 Apr 2021, 22:06 Killed at level 224 by Paiassin, Veyllor, Argusz, Shikai, Doug The Funny, Coronel Maldito, Polessi, Poxa, Jumboss, Jimselder, Narack Vanz and by Pf Memory.
6 Apr 2021, 19:37 Killed at level 226 by Polessi, Veyllor, Vitao Mecwinquancs, Caputo Original, Poxa, Brunim and by Luanblitz.
6 Apr 2021, 19:30 Killed at level 226 by Polessi, Veyllor, Poxa, Vitao Mecwinquancs, Brunim, Caputo Original, Coronel Maldito and by Luanblitz.
5 Apr 2021, 14:47 Died at level 223 by dawnfire asura.


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